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Fresh Motivation, Fresh Ideas, and a Fresh Start

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Fresh Nutrition is where you come to improve your long-term health outcomes.


Empowering our clients to achieve their health goals since 2010.

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One on one consulting. Book in to see us at your most convenient location today!


Invest in your workforce health outcomes. Contact us to discuss your workplace requirements.

You Deserve Health

Diabetes, heart disease, and mental health issues are examples of health issues that are not necessarily visible to the eye, but very visible in Australian health statistics.


We also know that with lifestyle changes, such health issues can actually be well managed and even be prevented. 

At Fresh Nutrition we have a holistic view of what health is, and that there are many things that contribute to someone’s health overall, with nutrition being a major one of those!


When you prioritise your health, you make time to live your healthiest life, reducing time managing illness later in life due to poor habits now!

It's Your Choice...


When you choose Fresh Nutrition you are doing what you can to stop poor health taking up your valuable time now or in the future.


You are choosing to be the leader of your own life, one who makes informed health decisions that best suit your life situation and circumstances.


You are choosing the opportunity to maximise your energy levels so that you can do everything you want to do in your day comfortably and to your full potential.


You are choosing to have answers to those niggling health questions so you no longer have to think about them.


You are choosing to be fully knowledgeable in order to best manage your current conditions and minimise your risks of future disease.


You are choosing to reduce your uncomfortable symptoms rather than ‘putting up’ with them.


By choosing Fresh Nutrition you are choosing to align yourself with a team of trusted health professionals and a community of people with similar goals and values to improve and maintain your motivation, your drive and your joy for life.

When you choose Fresh Nutrition, you are choosing life.

We are here to help you navigate yourself toward a future where your adventures, plans and aspirations are free from the burden of poor health”

Megan Wachowicz, Fresh Nutrition

Today is the day

There is no better time to prioritise your health.


You are the youngest you will ever be today. If you don’t take the time to prioritise your health now, you might need to take a lot more time to manage illness (rather than your bucket-list) in the future. 

You have been gifted one body in this lifetime and within this body, you deserve to live your best life possible! Making the investment toward your health now, is the best investment for yourself in the future.

The decisions and actions you make today is what will determine the trajectory of your health moving forward. Each small step you take towards your health today, will improve your health tomorrow.  

Which service is best for me?

We offer a variety of flexible ways that you can invest in your health, and we recommend you have a think about what services you are seeking at this point on your journey.   

Manage your health with personal and tailored one on one advice.

  • Would you like to connect personally with a trusted health professional to help you with advice, motivation, accountability and support?

  • Do you have specific health concerns, questions, symptoms or blood test results for which you would like advice, or strategies for improving?

  • Would you like to see us in person, at a location convenient to you throughout metropolitan Adelaide?

  • Are you eligible for a Chronic Disease Management through Medicare (check with your GP)?

  • Are you struggling for motivation, or frustrated that your health is not improving despite your efforts?

If you have said yes to any of these, book in to see us at your most convenient location today!


Invest in your workforce health outcomes, we can help.

  • Do you have a workplace committed to the health and wellbeing of staff?

  • Are you looking to improve staff motivation and accountability for their health outcomes?

  • Would you like to reduce the impact of staff illness within your workplace?

  • Are you interested in bulk purchase of our popular online course for your staff?

  • Are you interested in a Fresh Nutrition Dietitian attending onsite or via web conference at your workplace?

  • Are you interested in a customised online course developed specifically for your workforce?

If you have said yes to any of these, contact us to discuss your workplace requirements today.

About Fresh

Hi my name is Megan, I am the business owner of Fresh Nutrition, a busy Dietitian consulting business in Adelaide. I am also a mum of two young children, a wife, a friend, a worker, a writer, a gardener, a runner and a normal person just like you.


My mission is to improve health outcomes for people at all stages in life. Not only do we provide non-judgemental, inclusive, professional nutrition education, we empower and coach people to be the healthiest versions of themselves!

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