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Fresh Nutrition Online Health and Wellness Program
Our flagship Online Health and Wellness Program is unique, and it's for you. 

A practical, non-biased, 12 session online course created with a non-diet approach and nutrition focus to help you achieve overall health and wellness. Investing in this opportunity is an investment toward your healthiest future, one where your adventures, plans and aspirations are as free from the burden of poor health as possible.

Over $2,100 worth of content for a one off lifetime investment of only $360, backed by a 14 day 100% money back guarantee.

You can't lose, and your health will thank you!

Long term health results focus.

Our unique ‘non-dieting’, ‘whole of health’ approach will open doors you never knew were there. You will leave the course thinking and feeling differently about your health.

All the tools at your fingertips, in one place.

We have done the hard work for you and put together over 10 years of knowledge for you in one place! We have studied the science, we have filtered the mountains of misinformation, bypassed the fancy jargon and fancy foods and diets, to provide you all the tools you need to improve your long-term health.

Access to high-quality content.

Not only do you receive a set of 12 high quality video sessions to watch at your leisure (released weekly), you also have access to bonus weekly course content (worksheets, reading materials, quizzes) to take your learning and doing to the next level. 

Outstanding Value!

The course provides access to over 12 hours worth of Dietitian qualified education and coaching, worth over $2,100 in a one on one consulting setting. You can receive this wherever and whenever you like, for a one-off lifetime cost of only $360. 

Flexible learning at your own pace, from any device.

Accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime. Simply login and do as much or as little as you want each time at your own convenience.

More than just knowledge-based learning.

We don’t simply provide you with ‘passive’ knowledge, instead we also provide strategies for practical application of your knowledge to get you into and keep you in the ‘action’ zone of change. 

Extra bonus.

Sign up and you will receive access to our exclusive Fresh Nutrition Community of likeminded people for motivation, accountability, discussion and fun! 

Like minded people are stronger together!

100% Guaranteed.

Try it for 14 days, and if you don't feel this is for you contact us for a full money back refund.


“I’ve been told that this is the best thing my workplace has ever done. Megan is passionate about nutrition and loves what she does, she is changing diets and habits, one person at a time.” 


—  Denise, WHS Team


The content is transformational to health. you will cover:


To get serious about your long term health


The perfect portions for your own body


How to shift your mindset and build a new personal health identity


Easy balance at mealtimes


How to overcome habitual/emotional eating


Balancing convenience foods, events and functions


A foolproof method for developing new health habits


Understand and outsmart food labels


Ways to include movement and properly fuel yourself for it


Enjoyment of meals without restriction or guilt


Best steps to prevent future disease (diabetes, heart disease, cancer)


How to actually DO what you know you NEED and WANT to be doing for your health


I am really excited to present this to you and I'm sure that you won't be disappointed."

Megan Wachowicz, Fresh Nutrition

You are worth it

Take the next step on your health journey.

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