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Thigh Gap, Kale Smoothies and Anti-Aging. We have your back.

So, you have been to see your doctor and been recommended to see a Dietitian. Are you dreading being told to eat lettuce? Psyching yourself up to get rid of the joy in your life?

Well, this is a must-read for you.

These are the things you must know about seeing a (Fresh Nutrition) Dietitian (before you talk yourself right on out of coming):

1. Fresh Nutrition only hires Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD).

Yes, we are ‘Nutritionists’ too, however, we have gone the extra mile and are further qualified to work in all types of critical care health settings. We do not have Google or Facebook degrees (like unfortunately some Nutrition experts do). We pride ourselves on being real people, real-realistic with the bonus of having the real smarts.

2. No amount of thigh gap makes us proud.

You can tell us about your thigh-gap, and we will listen (however we would rather be patting our dogs) and believe you have so much more to offer yourself than checking your thigh gap. Thigh gap has nothing to do with self-love, nourishment, nutrition or body-care (and trust me, if you do not know about thigh gap, you are winning already so don’t even bother googling that one!)

3. A (Fresh Nutrition) Dietitian never endorses only...

Eating at 2pm or only drinking organic Kale and Goji berry smoothies. Period. We are here to promote nourishment, not starvation.

4. A Fresh Nutrition Dietitian is not here to make your life miserable (you can do that yourself if you like).

We are not here to put you on a Diet. We are here to:

  • Listen to you

  • Help you with ideas and strategies (should you want such)

  • Provide you with guidance on how to achieve your health goals (should you want such)

  • Have you leaving our sessions feeling more positive about your health outlook than when you entered.

5. A (Fresh Nutrition) Dietitian is not here to judge you.

You will NEVER hear us put you into a body mass index category and label you according to how much shame society thinks you might need to get motivated. We do not pinch, prod, poke, weigh or measure you. We do not take photos of you before and after, nor do we set you up to fail in an algorithm designed to get you back. We are here to help you with your long-term health goals and set you up for self-management, so you don’t need to rely on us (or anyone else for that matter). It’s up to us to provide a supportive environment to suit your needs and help you with tools to get you where you’re going.

6. We have no magic pill, potion, supplement, or wand.

We cannot make your body shape change in only certain areas, we cannot plump your skin, or reduce your age (science isn't that glamourous hey?). Hey, we can’t even make you eat a vegetable. What we can do is listen. We can support, we can guide, and we can be part of your village.

7. We will not do the work for you. We will do the work with you.

Are you in?

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