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Megan Wachowicz

BNutDiet, APD
Senior Dietitian and Proprietor
Megan Wachowicz

Megan understands the complexity of modern-day parenting, running a business, and the juggling act involved in maintaining optimal health to function daily. She is passionate about making habits the primary focus of health management.

Prior to launching Fresh Nutrition in 2010, Megan gained extensive experience in a variety of health settings including community settings, hospital settings and private practice settings.

Not only is she passionate about helping others to prevent health issues in the future, she is also dedicated to helping people become skilled to self-manage their current health issues with confidence in order to gain back their power and hope for the future.

Megan guides people (via a non-dieting approach) to maintain their most comfortable weight, manage and eliminate uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms associated with IBS and IBD, boost their energy levels, fertility, heart health and their mental health through dietary and lifestyle measures.

She is passionate about making habits the primary focus of health management with people and helps people to think ‘outside the square’ and look at the bigger picture when it comes to all interconnecting aspects of their health. She is dedicated to giving people the best version of herself and finds joy in serving and helping others.

You can get to know Megan more through her passionate writing on the blog page and are most likely to find her outdoors with her family, hands in the veggie garden or out at a scheduled fun run or fitness event during her free time.

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