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Rosita Pakrou-Farmer

MNutDiet, APD
Rosita Pakrou-Farmer

Rosita is an experienced Accredited Dietitian who is passionate about nourishing and fostering positive health habits at any body shape and size.

With a warm and kind nature, Rosita steps people through the prevention and management of Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Irritable Bowel, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She is passionate about helping people to achieve and maintain their most energetic, healthy self and this passion comes across in her consultations. Rosita comes from a Persian background (and is fluent in Persian and Dari) and has a keen interest in supporting the importance of culture associated with food preferences and practices within the community.

To maintain her own optimal health, you will find Rosita bike riding or bush walking with her family on the weekend or enjoying a quiet moment to herself in her beautiful garden.

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